Samsung expected to unveil the Samsung Galaxy S5 in January next year, Octa-core chipset in tow

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Samsung expected to unveil the Samsung Galaxy S5 in January next year, Octa-core chipset in tow


It seems that Samsung wants to continue the pace with which the company has been rolling out new flagship devices. And in an attempt to continue doing so, the company seems to have plans for unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S5 at the start of next year.

If you want one reason why the next year will be happy and prosperous, we have it for you right here! At the start of the year 2014, we might be greeted with the next-gen Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5. By that time, we are not sure whether the flagship device will run on Android 4.4 KitKat or Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. But whatever be the operating system version, we are looking forward to some mind-blowing display of technology by Samsung,

Now if you are wondering how and where this information came from, the answers is obvious – Korea, the home country. Korea media outlets report that Samsung will unveil the Samsung Galaxy S5 in January next year. The sources are said to be present inside Samsung, and the reason for this early release is the not so good sales results of the Galaxy S4.

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Yes, we know that the Galaxy S4 did not stand up to the expectations of Samsung, but in a way wasn’t Samsung itself responsible for this situation? The company did come up with an excellent smartphone, but there will less importance and attention given to the outer appearance, quality of power and performance with respect to TouchWiz and more. Personally, we even also did not like the long list of Samsung and other apps that were added to the OS, and of course, which we have barely used till date. This does not exactly count as a problem, because you do have an option to get the Google Edition of S4, but again, it is limited only to a very limited consumer base.

By the way, we did say that the Galaxy S4 was not able to stand up to the company’s expectations. Because we still believe that the Galaxy S4 was able to attract a number of consumers (new and old) and had already put up impressive sales figures in the market. But if the company wants to do even better, they should definitely try that as well. The only request we would make is to not hurry up with the S5, take some time and make it as perfect as possible. And may be, just may be, improve the Exynos 5 chipset or simply go with the latest in Qualcomm.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S3 in the month of May (2012), the Galaxy S4 in the month of March (2013) and is expected to unveil the Galaxy S5 in January (2014). This clearly shows us that the company is trying to reduce the time gap between the unveiling of a new flagship model. But this also means that Samsung flagship models become old much sooner than others.

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Now let’s come to the good part! The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to have a true 64-bit processing chip, the Samsung Exynos 5430. This chipset will have 8 cores but this time with Heterogeneous Multi-Processing capabilities. The device will also sport an improved 16MP primary camera with enhanced low-light performance and optical image stabilization (OIS). Samsung’s ISOCELL image sensor is also expected to be a part of the Galaxy S5.

Now let’s come to the bad part (so to say). The information and spec details mentioned above have been given out by inside sources. So none of this has been announced or confirmed by Samsung in any way. So you can definitely be happy and excited if you plan to wait till January next year, but for now, take this with a pinch of salt.

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