Black Diamond III Speaker Can Turn Any Simple Event Into A Party

Jaycee De Guzman October 12, 2013 2
Black Diamond III Speaker Can Turn Any Simple Event Into A Party


Did you know that the Black Diamond III portable speaker is now in the market? It’s already available in the market and consumers can already start ordering online or on physical stores. The Bluetooth-powered speaker is an invention of Yantouch.

Yantouch is one of the leading Asian companies that releases the most interesting and usable devices in the market. These devices support smartphones and tablets alike. It’s a Taiwan-based company that started to release the speakers to the analysts for first hand use and quick reviews as well.

What’s New With The New Diamond Speakers?

Black Diamond III Speaker Can Turn Any Simple Event Into A PartyThe Black Diamond III is a lot better this time. It has more colors to showcase while playing a certain song. The movement of the lights also depends on the rhythm and speed of the music that is being played.

If the previous versions of the speakers have to make the smartphones stay with the speakers, this one is different. The new Diamond speakers use a Bluetooth connection to keep it playing the song or it can also use a USB adapter or wire that can be connected to the smartphone and make it work. The new version gives us an option to choose whether to use the speakers wired or wireless.

What Comes In The Box?

Black Diamond III Speaker Can Turn Any Simple Event Into A PartyThere’s nothing much that comes along with the package. Of course, you can expect the lighting speakers with the box. It has an average dimension, which makes it fine to use anytime and anywhere.


It has a USB wire that can also be used as an audio cable. The cable is the one used if you want to play the speakers wired to the smartphone or tablet. It also comes with an AC/USB power adapter to charge the device or make it play while plugged from the outlet.

It’s also amazing that the package comes with a small remote control. You can control two or more smartphones at the same time while playing a playlist. However, you also have to make sure that files on each of the smartphones sync with the rest of the other devices.

It has a user guide booklet to inform the user on what they have to do to make it work. The guide also contains a lot of instructions to maximize using the device and at times when there’s a need to troubleshoot it.


We can’t deny it, the Black Diamond III is a better version than the other two releases. It has more colors to display and it comes with a very friendly and hip design for an affordable price of $99.95 at Amazon. It’s also a relief that it will operate by being connected to a smartphone by using the Bluetooth connection as it will minimize the hassle when using it outdoors.

If given the chance, would you trade your old iPhone dock with the latest Black Diamond III speakers?

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  1. John Peterson  October 13, 2013 at 10:00 am - Reply

    Bluetooth is definitely a much better alternative to the wired application. This allows the person that is supplying the sounds the security of keeping their phone in their pocket rather than expose it to the risk of theft at the gathering

    • Jaycee De Guzman
      Jaycee De Guzman  October 13, 2013 at 6:46 pm - Reply

      Hi John,

      I can’t agree more. Thanks for your comment!


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