Dropcam Pro – Your Home’s New Bestfriend, Now And The Years To Come

Jaycee De Guzman October 12, 2013 0
Dropcam Pro – Your Home’s New Bestfriend, Now And The Years To Come


The new Dropcam Pro should be a slap or an insult to the old model of the device. Today, the updated version of the camera has been released and it was able to perform a few demos for everyone. Even before the launch, some of the analysts already took a hold of the camera and were able to try it themselves. Since then, we can’t hear anything else but just good words about the security camera.

The old Dropcam device used to be teased as an Apple device or a copycat of the official design of the company’s devices. However, the Dropcam Pro comes in a very different look right now and its software and hardware have been upgraded for the user’s convenience.

We’ve been watching action-packed series on the television and we’re amazed as to how the homeowners are able to catch those that trespass their houses. We can also see how fast the police responds whenever there’s a need to. Do you think they’re also using the same camera from Dropcam?

Dropcam Pro – Your Home’s New Bestfriend, Now And The Years To Come

It’s Easy To Set-up And Uses A Low Energy Bluetooth Chip

The Dropcam is a home- designed technology and can easily be set up at home. All you need is a working outlet. You also have to make sure that it’s located in a safe place for the camera. You also need to have it connected to an active wireless network in your area. You have to remember that you must have a wireless connection at home before buying the camera.

When all things you need are ready, then you’re start to have it set up and you can just relax. The camera will record videos on a real time basis like a spy camera would do. However, you can also use the camera for other events because it can record anytime.


Dropcam Pro – Your Home’s New Bestfriend, Now And The Years To ComeThe Dropcam Pro is much easier to use than the older Dropcam HD because it already uses a Bluetooth Low Energy processor chip. It makes it compatible to any smartphone or tablet that has a Bluetooth connectivity feature. As we all know, all of the devices that we have right now have Bluetooth connectivity so that won’t make it a problem.

The lens of the camera this time is fully made of glass. That is to widen the area that the camera can capture and to give a clearer vision of the recorded videos. The night vision is even better this time because it has been improved. The videos can also be zoomed for up to 8 times, which is far from the 4 times zooming of the previous model.

The new camera from Dropcam Pro is a little expensive compared to the previous one. Amazon offers it for $199.99 with all of the free packages that come with it. However, you will realize that you’re paying less than what you’ll be getting for the security of your homes if you look closely into the new features the camera has. It’s a relief that the new Dropcam Pro is released.

Don’t you think it’s also time for you to keep your home safe at all times?

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