FiLIP SmartWatch That Will Keep Your Kids Safe At All Times

Jaycee De Guzman October 12, 2013 0
FiLIP SmartWatch That Will Keep Your Kids Safe At All Times


The FiLIP SmartWatch is a brand new innovation of the company. From the name itself, it’s actually a watch. But, it’s not just any ordinary watch that will only keep you tracked of the time. It keeps track of the people you love – your kids.

Yes, that’s right. It may not be applicable for kids only, but can be used by anyone whom you want to stay close to their loved ones even when they’re not around. But, this is specially designed for children who go to school or play around at the park.

FiLIP SmartWatch That Will Keep Your Kids Safe At All Times

It’s A Collaboration Of FiLIP And AT&T This Time

The FiLIP SmartWatch is the result of the brilliant collaboration of FiLIP and AT&T. The latter agreed to partner with FiLIP with one goal and that is to come up with a gadget that will make it easier for parents to monitor their children.

The two companies have invested so much effort in this innovation. We also have to mention that this kind of project needed a great amount of capital and the two companies were able to make things succeed. Everything has been ironed out evenly and the SmartWatch is now ready to be released soon.


How Does It Work And What Good Does It Bring?

FiLIP SmartWatch That Will Keep Your Kids Safe At All TimesThe watch can work with any smartphone that is iOS or Android-operated. It can connect to the internet through wireless and GPS connections. Having these two connections available on the SmartWatch is such a relief because it makes the lives of the parents more comfortable. At least, parents can now watch over their kids without having to be with them all the time.

The FiLIP SmartWatch can store a maximum of five contacts in its memory. These contacts should be the ones that can attend to the child first just in case something unexpected happens. Most of the time, their caretakers, siblings and parents’ numbers are the ones saved on the watches.

Parents can also send messages to their children wearing the watch. However, they won’t be able to reply back because this feature isn’t included. But then again, the user can always take a call anytime they want.

In case of emergencies, the SmartWatch automatically call all of the five numbers registered in the watch. Whoever answers the call first will be informed of whatever is going on with the child. The watch also sends notifications to the parents once they arrive or leave a place that has been saved as their secured areas.

Now, this is what we call technology. There’s no need to buy your kid a new smartphone for it might just be lost while they’re in the middle of playing around. At least, these watches look cool and are available in funky colors that your kids would want to wear.

As of the moment, the official launch date of the device is not yet released to the public. However, it should be available for orders and in stores before the year ends.

We’re sure every parent is excited about the FiLIP SmartWatch, aren’t you, too?

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