GTA V Online Gamers Rejoice! Rockstar To Give $500,000 Game Cash

Jaycee De Guzman October 12, 2013 0
GTA V Online Gamers Rejoice! Rockstar To Give $500,000 Game Cash


GTA V Online gamers will now have something to be happy about. After the buggy and glitch-plagued initial stint of the hit game’s online version, Rockstar, the maker of the Grand Theft Auto game series is planning to give in-game cash for its players. The company is currently working on the possibility of giving out $500,000 worth of cash inside the online game’s interface as a ‘stimulus’ and makeup for their shortcomings during the first days of the phenomenal GTA V Online. This will also serve as the company’s apology to its customers according to their statement.

GTA V Online Gamers Rejoice! Rockstar To Give $500,000 Game Cash

GTA V Online Version’s Initial Release – Full of Technical Issues

As expected by many game experts and analysts, the initial week of the GTA V Online was plagued by a lot of technical glitches. Because of the massive demand for the game’s online version, server errors and connection glitches were already foreseen. A lot of GTA V Online gamers complained about the different glitches they have experienced. Online gamers also experienced an annoying error involving loss of game progress during the first days of the online mode. Nevertheless, the online version of the game became viral and a hit. The online mode of GTA V is the first time Rockstar enabled users to put their gameplay on the Web and interact with other games. The reward to be given by Rockstar is seen by the company as a help in bringing a ‘fresh’ start for its players and will enhance the gameplay experience inside its game environments such as the Blaine County and Los Santos.


GTA V Online Gamers Rejoice! Rockstar To Give $500,000 Game Cash

‘Stimulus’ Release Date Still Unknown. Rockstar Ironing Out Plans

Rockstar already announced their plans on giving out $500,000 worth of in-game currency. However, company officials did not state when will be the ‘stimulus’ awarded to the online gamers. In addition to that, the company also plans to give the amount in two parts. This will be given to those GTA fans who played the online mode this month and will install the upcoming patch update which is expected to fix some of its glitches. However, this amount can still be availed by users who are not qualified for the free give-away. Users who want to have an outright $500,000 worth of in-game cash need to spend $10 (real world cash) by buying it out at the game’s virtual store.

GTA V Clinches Several Titles And World Records

GTA V proved that it is indeed a phenomenal game. The game achieved six Guinness World Records. These include the Best-Selling Game of All Time and the game to reach $1 billion worth of sales. The game is only available for Xbox 360 and PS3 for now. However, the PC version is expected to be rolled out next year.

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