SmartPhone Comparison – HTC Desire 601 VS Nokia Lumia 928

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SmartPhone Comparison – HTC Desire 601 VS Nokia Lumia 928


When it comes to crafting and developing new smartphones, we know that companies are willing to take every measure just to be able to attract consumers who are potentially interested to buy their products. Whether it is in the design, camera, applications, software or hardware aspect, manufacturers always wish to please.

This comparative review analyzez the differences between HTC Desire 601 and Nokia Lumia 928. Equipped with their own unique features, let us take a look at which device is more appealing to the public.

SmartPhone Comparison - HTC Desire 601 VS Nokia Lumia 928

The Pros And Cons Of HTC Desire 601

SmartPhone Comparison - HTC Desire 601 VS Nokia Lumia 928When the HTC Desire 601 was released, it gained a lot of attention because of its stunning design. Even though the body is mostly made with plastic material, HTC is confident that the entire handset is strong and durable. The back is black and rubberized which really makes it stand out among its predecessors that exhibited a more metallic design. In terms of the dimensions and weight, this handset is lighter, thinner and more portable than its Nokia rival. Hence, users are able to bring it everywhere comfortably and effortlessly.

But it’s not just in the looks department that the HTC Desire 601 can compete. Already sporting one of the latest versions of the Android operating system and a dual-core processor, HTC even added its own user interfaces such as the HTC Sense and BlinkFeed. This makes it more appealing because it provides users an easy way to do social networking and be updated on the current happenings around the world. Not to mention, it also works with a respectable speed. Overall, as a spin-off of its more premium brothers and sisters, the Desire 601 is a great choice for individuals who want to try the HTC brand but without having to spend too much money for it.

Just like its predecessors, the HTC Desire 601 also has a few problems that come with the entire package. First of all, it has a lower screen resolution of only 960 x 540 pixels than its Nokia rival. Second, the camera has a lower resolution. It can be great at taking photos but experts are saying that the image quality isn’t really jaw-dropping. Finally, the battery life of 12.8 hours is very short. Seriously, HTC should have made better choices when they made this mobile handset.


The Pros And Cons Of Nokia Lumia 928

SmartPhone Comparison - HTC Desire 601 VS Nokia Lumia 928Similar to the Desire 601, the Nokia Lumia 928 also has a lot of members in its family. In this particular handset, the best feature is the camera with 8 megapixels. Incorporated with PureView, Xenon as well as LED flashes, it can take excellent features even in conditions with poor lighting. In the same way, the camcorder can also shoot 1080p videos which are great especially in recording worthy moments. In relation to this, the high resolution display of 1280 x 768 pixels comes very useful when users are checking their gallery. It showcases vibrant colors and accuracy especially in the text which makes it really friendly to the user’s eyes.

In addition to that, the Nokia Lumia 928 also contains a fast processor that helps in executing tasks. When users browse the internet, play games or stream media, they don’t have to suffer from lags and occasional delays as long as there is a consistent and strong wireless connection. To top that, this handset also showcases a battery life of at least 17 hours. Generally, this is a good thing since users always want to maximize the activities that they can do with their smartphone.

Similar to its rival, the Nokia Lumia 928 also needs to improve on some of its elements. Although it comes with a 32 GB of internal storage, which is pretty impressive already, an external memory card slot is still a very important component. It is still what most of the customers are looking for when checking out new smartphones to purchase. For them, it’s always good to know that they can put as much data they want on their mobile handset. Unluckily, the Lumia 928 just doesn’t have that.

The Bottom Line

SmartPhone Comparison - HTC Desire 601 VS Nokia Lumia 928We have seen what the HTC Desire 601 and Nokia Lumia 928 can offer to the market. For consumers who want a sleek and lightweight mobile phone with a respectable operating system and functional user interface, there is the Desire 601 that they can buy. On the other hand, for individuals who prefer taking pictures, playing games and watching online media streams, the Lumia 928 is a better choice.

Both the HTC Desire 601 and Nokia Lumia 928 are lower models of the premium and flagship devices of their manufacturers. So, we can expect that these two devices will have affordable prices that will favor your budget.

Are you buying the HTC Desire 601? Or is the Nokia Lumia 928 more worthy of your money?

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