Smartphone Comparison: Nokia Lumia 625 Vs HTC Windows Phone 8x

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Smartphone Comparison: Nokia Lumia 625 Vs HTC Windows Phone 8x


When consumers look for a new gadget to purchase, specifications are always important. These are the factors that help them in their decision-making. This leads them to buy the product that they want. This review will tackle the Nokia Lumia 625 and HTC Windows Phone 8X which are two of the best-selling smartphones in the market today. With their own unique features, let’s take a look and find out which is better than the other.

Smartphone Comparison: Nokia Lumia 625 Vs HTC Windows Phone 8x

The Advantages And Benefits Of Nokia Lumia 625

Smartphone Comparison: Nokia Lumia 625 Vs HTC Windows Phone 8xThe Nokia Lumia 625 is an affordable LTE-supported smartphone that caters more budget-conscious consumers. Although built to be one of its manufacturer’s largest handsets, this device has rounded corners that provide comfort when users hold it in their hand. The Polycarbonate material also adds an artistic feel to the different shell colors available for customers. When it comes to hardware and software choices, the Lumia 625 runs on a Windows 8 operating system and Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor. According to test results, this mobile phone can load applications in no time and without any lags. For a mid-range handset, that is a pretty impressive component.

The good thing about Lumia 625 is that it also has an external slot for a memory card which enables users to expand the internal storage. Specifically, this handset only contains 513MB of RAM and 8GB of built-in storage. For a smartphone, the capacity of the RAM and storage definitely needs some improvement. But, with a MicroSD card, users can expand this up to a maximum of 64GB. Luckily, consumers nowadays are all about capturing moments. Whether they are taking photos or shooting videos, they would always save it and share via social media.

What To Expect From The HTC Windows Phone 8X

Smartphone Comparison: Nokia Lumia 625 Vs HTC Windows Phone 8xThe HTC Windows Phone 8X is a flagship device by its manufacturer which is powered by a similar Windows 8 operating system. With LTE connectivity that works perfectly with its top-notch processor, this device still has time to peak and even compete against other premium brands. In terms of its physical design, this mobile phone looks much better and more attractive than its Nokia rival. With a smooth and sleek chassis that offers black, red, yellow and blue colors, it appears both business-like and casual at the same time. It is also very comfortable to hold and can easily fit the in your jeans’ pockets – even with a thicker body. It is definitely made with a signature Nokia design.


In terms of the call quality, this HTC handset highlights clear and sharp audio quality on both ends of the call. Even at a medium volume level, sound is produced with clarity and richness that can be easily understood by the listener. Both the microphone and speaker certainly work without glitches. Also, the phone does not pick up unnecessary noises so users should expect that there will be no interruption while they are talking to someone.

Weaknesses And Limitations

Smartphone Comparison: Nokia Lumia 625 Vs HTC Windows Phone 8xBasically, what the Nokia Lumia 625 needs is a higher screen resolution which could display images with better accuracy and vibrancy. Even for a mid-range device, the 800 x 480 pixels already seem pretty low if you compare it against other similar devices in the market. In addition, if Nokia is going to maximize its processor and operating system, then it should have incorporated a better camera feature and storage facility. The 0.3MP at the front and 5MP at the back are definitely outweighed by the HTC’s new flagship device.

On the other hand, the HTC Windows Phone 8X is weak when it comes to its battery life. The 1800 mAh battery capacity can only last for up to 6 hours and that is not good especially when you consider the other features of the device. How will the user take great photos or even just explore their mobile phones if the battery always easily drains. In future, maybe the manufacturer can innovate better ways to store and save battery juice for a longer period of usage time.

It’s Time to Separate The Wheat From The Chaff

While the Nokia Lumia 625 has a better battery life of more than 20 hours and a larger storage expansion for its users, it seems that the HTC Windows Phone 8X has more appealing features to offer. It has a faster processor, more attractive display settings and higher resolution camera feature. Although it may not have a specialty feature, it has enough integrated software and applications by its manufacturers that can really convince costumers. If you are interested, you can check the different network carriers – or Amazon, if you want an unlocked version – and consider price differences. For now, we are pretty sure that both devices start at $230.00 to $250 on Amazon.

Is the HTC Windows Phone 8X really a better gadget than the Nokia Lumia 625? What do you think?

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