Asus Fonepad Is Not a Bad Phone, But Not a Good Phone at the Same Time

Sara Cunningham February 27, 2013 0

The Asus Fonepad which looks almost the same with Nexus 7 is considered as a new tablet. It is Asus’ contribution to the world of high-end mobile devices. A lot is amazed as to how big this phone is. The user can’t manage to operate the phone in one hand, which is a hit nowadays though. The device is at a price of $249 which is quite fine for the price of the device. The price might hinder consumers from buying this and rather go for a Samsung or an Apple device.

Asus Fonepad Is Not a Bad Phone, But Not a Good Phone at the Same Time

The Asus Fonepad is literally a big phone and is intended to be used as a phone. If not, it would definitely break Asus’ heart. It is powered by a 1.2GHz Atom processor with 1GB RAM. The user can choose from built-in storages from 8GB to 32GB, the price varies too. It is a 7.0-inch phone and has a 1.2MP front camera. Also has a 3MP rear camera, the camera features don’t seem to be enough when compared to the price it has. But there is nothing much to complain about the phone, there is nothing much good to say about it too.

The user can obviously make phone calls using the Asus Fonepad and its microphone is located under the speakers. It is located 7 inches under the speakers. It will be hard for the company to convince someone to switch to a phone as huge as this. Unlike Samsung and Apple, Asus has decided to use an inhuman approach in creating this type of phone. This device is not that bad for its price but is almost identical with the Nexus 7 that is at a lower price of $199. Overall, the phone is concluded to be fair but definitely not a good phone.

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