Smartphone Comparison – Motorola Droid Mini VS Sony Xperia ZR

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Smartphone Comparison – Motorola Droid Mini VS Sony Xperia ZR


We can all agree that consumers consider not just one but almost all specifications before they decide to purchase a new gadget. Especially now where there are a lot of options in the market, taking into account one’s lifestyle and needs is very important. In this comparative review, we will discuss the other features included in the Motorola Droid Mini and Sony Xperia ZR – aside from their wireless and durable capabilities.

Smartphone Comparison - Motorola Droid Mini VS Sony Xperia ZR

Droid, Android And Verizon Apps In One Device

Smartphone Comparison - Motorola Droid Mini VS Sony Xperia ZRMotorola Droid Mini contains a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset with a clock speed of 1.7 GHz. For individuals who don’t necessarily look at this number, it means that this mobile handset has a reliable speed that can perform tasks without experiencing lags. Add that to its operating system which is the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, this handset showcases a lot of built-in software and applications that users can navigate easily. It has the Google Play application which can provide additional software options that users can download. Plus, as a mobile handset distributed by Verizon, it also includes the VZ Navigator, VZ Tones and VZ Security which are all exclusive applications by the said mobile carrier.

But when it comes to being a true Motorola device, the Motorola Droid Mini is truly a completed package. For instance, it has the Droid Zap which enables the sharing of photos and videos among Android devices nearby; and the Wireless Display which mirrors the smartphone’s screen to larger devices such as a television or HD monitor. To top that, it also showcases the Touchless Control that other members of the Droid family have also had. Basically, it lets users navigate their mobile devices by just speaking certain commands – which even includes powering the device from sleep mode.

Also, the 2000 mAh battery capacity of the Motorola Droid Mini can provide at least 10 hours of using the mobile handset for various activities – such as playing games or browsing the internet. And like we said, owners can also use the wireless charging feature of this device for a more efficient use.


A Water-Resistant Camera And A Mobile Phone

Smartphone Comparison - Motorola Droid Mini VS Sony Xperia ZRMeanwhile, what is so special about the Sony Xperia ZR is that it can endure underwater pressure for a maximum depth of 5 feet and time of 30 minutes. It is the real deal when it comes to durability which not all smartphones always have. In addition to that, this handset also features an incredible 13-megapixel camera with auto focus and 1080p video recording. With an Exmor RS image sensor, it can capture sceneries with detailed accuracy and brightness. For a more efficient use, the camera also has a quick shot option which is capable of taking a photo even when the device is locked – so users do not have to miss those memorable moments that they want to share with their families. Plus, combining the underwater durability and excellent camera feature, this mobile phone is definitely the best one to bring to the beach.

In terms of storage, it is a good thing that the Sony Xperia ZR exhibits 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory. Although that may sound so little for some people, they don’t have to worry too much because this handset also has an incorporated memory card slot for MicroSD cards at a maximum size of 32GB. Users can use it to store data such as music, photos as well as video clips.

With a similar 2000 mAh battery capacity, the Sony Xperia ZR is also expected to cater their users at least 10 hours of battery life. Since it also boasts the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system which comes with different applications, exploring this mobile device will surely be enjoyable and fun. It is one of a kind, to be really honest.

The Final Verdict

Although it is not necessarily a deal-breaker, it seems that the Motorola Droid Mini looks cheaper than intended. The shell is plastic, glossy and fingerprint-magnet. Also, it would be a great help if it had an external MicroSD card for the expansion of storage.

Meanwhile, the Sony Xperia ZR has been first released in Southeast Asia so individuals who live in the United States should not expect LTE connectivity. Maybe the handset will be released there but we still don’t have enough information to tell.

Weighing the positive and negative aspects of these two devices is easy. Generally, the Motorola has a wider market while the Sony handset can only be used in specific locations – unless you buy an unlocked version. On Amazon, an unlocked version of the Droid Mini former costs $599.99 while an unlocked version of the Xperia ZR costs $448.99.

Do you live in the US or in Asia? Will you choose one of these smartphones to replace your old ones?

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