Smartphone Comparison-Alcatel One Touch Star VS Alcatel One Touch Idol

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As far as mid-range mobile phones go, one of the most popular brands that manufactures best-selling devices is Alcatel. One of Alcatel’s most talked about mobile lineup is the One Touch family. In this comparative review, we are going to talk about the Alcatel One Touch Star and Alcatel One Touch Idol. Crafted and manufactured by the same company, let us see which one has better specifications over the other. Hopefully, by analyzing their similarities and differences, this review can help determine which one is most-preferred by consumers like you and me.

Smartphone Comparison-Alcatel One Touch Star VS Alcatel One Touch Idol

The Advantages Of Alcatel One Touch Star

Smartphone Comparison-Alcatel One Touch Star VS Alcatel One Touch IdolFor a mid-range mobile handset, the good thing about the Alcatel One Touch Star is that it does not look mid-range at all. Made with a plastic material for its back cover that is available in silver, pink, gray and white colors, the shell is very solid and looks impressively durable. But looks aside, this mobile handset also has 4 inches of diagonal screen size that showcases bright as well as enthusiastic colors. When users are playing games or just reading messages, the images look sharp and the text is legible. Also, because of the dual-core processor, users are assured that the handset would run slickly without experiencing any lags.

Smartphone Comparison-Alcatel One Touch Star VS Alcatel One Touch IdolIn terms of the operating system, the Alcatel One Touch Star is powered by the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean version which adds more selection of activities that users can do. The Google Play, which is one of its most important built-in software products, provides more applications that users can download to their devices. On the other hand, Alcatel also added some innovative upgrades on its own when it comes to the user interface. This mobile handset can be customized by its users on elements such as widgets location, animation and shortcuts – which let users view weather, time and other information of their choice right there on the home screen.

Although the Alcatel One Touch Star has a lower camera megapixel than the One Touch Idol, it is a good thing that it has an added feature which is called the Photo Sphere. Through this application, the 5-megapixel camera with an LED flash can capture a 360-degree photo. Isn’t that awesome for a mid-range mobile phone?


The Advantages Of Alcatel One Touch Idol

Smartphone Comparison-Alcatel One Touch Star VS Alcatel One Touch IdolThe Alcatel One Touch Idol, on the other hand, is a much slimmer and lighter device than the One Touch Star – but it comes with a much bigger diagonal display size of 4.7 inches. Available in colors silver, red, blue, green, pink and gray, this mobile handset is made with curved corners, metal frame and glassed screen. It may not look premium like the other mobile phones in the market but it definitely has the signature design of its manufacturer. Plus, with an incorporated IPS technology and a higher screen resolution of 540 x 960 pixels, it can display accurate details for images and clear texts when users read messages on electronic books.

Generally, the Alcatel One Touch Idol has better storage facility, camera feature and call quality than the One Touch Star. First, this device has 1 GB of RAM which is more than the 512 MB that the other handset offers – although this doesn’t necessarily make or break the consumer’s decision because both handsets provide a MicroSD slot for a maximum size of 32GB. This means that users can store music, photos, video clips and other data without having to experience a full memory every single time.

In terms of the camera, the Alcatel One Touch Idol has an 8-megapixel rear camera with a built-in LED flash and auto focus. It can also capture video at an HD 720p quality. Meanwhile, the front camera which can be used for video chat has 2MP – a huge difference from the VGA that the One Touch Star exhibits. Finally, users won’t also be disappointed with this mobile handset’s call quality. It delivers a clear sound output that maintains the voices to sound natural and easy to understand.

The Disadvantages And Final Verdict

Smartphone Comparison-Alcatel One Touch Star VS Alcatel One Touch IdolBasically, in terms of the technical features, the Alcatel One Touch Idol has better specifications than the Alcatel One Touch Star. It is fairly easy to see especially in the elements concerning the screen size, resolution, RAM and camera. Although when it comes to the battery capacity, the One Touch Star can last for a maximum of 3.5 hours of talk time while the One Touch Idol can only last for a shorter 3.2 hours. It is only a small difference but at least consumers have an idea of all the components that comprise the entire package of their chosen device.

Unfortunately, these two devices do not support LTE connectivity so US costumers might want to think twice before purchasing this product. But if you are willing to buy an unlocked version, the One Touch Idol costs $445.90 while the One Touch Star costs at about $376.32 – both on eBay.

Which Alcatel device convinced you more?

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