Leaked images of LG G Flex, the curved display smartphone appear online, check it out

Wayne Bond October 14, 2013 0
Leaked images of LG G Flex, the curved display smartphone appear online, check it out

Leaked images of the LG G Flex have recently appeared on the Internet. They give us a first look at the LG G Flex, the first curved display smartphone from the Korean company, and most probably its new flagship device as well.

Some days ago, there was news which said that Samsung and LG would be unveiling curved display smartphones that will have an almost unbreakable glass. With that being said, it hardly took any time for Samsung to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Round. The Samsung Galaxy Round was very similar to the Galaxy Note 3, but the major difference was that it had a curved display.

So Samsung has already entered the curved display smartphone market, and we expect LG to do the same very soon. The company has not made any official announcement yet, but we know that LG is up to something. We have already come across a number of leaked images of the new smartphone, which is expected to be called as the LG G Flex.

The LG G Flex is also expected to go official in the month of October. So if and when this happens, the Samsung Galaxy Round will have a tough competitor, but we do not know how good the market is for this new type of devices.

lg g flex

But wait, there is something that you really need to know about, and you must have already figured it out if you have checked out the Samsung Galaxy Round images. The Samsung Galaxy Round has a curved display, but the curve is from LEFT to RIGHT. One the other hand, the LG G Flex showcased in these images has the curve from TOP to BOTTOM. This is a very big difference, and might be the decision maker for consumers wanting to try out this new type of smartphone.

Even though both the smartphones will be running on the latest version of Android, it’s the design that makes them different. And if you are still wondering about the LG G Flex, well yes, it does have a curved battery. LG already showcased these curved batteries some days ago, and if you knew about this, the news shouldn’t come to you as a surprise.

So are you interested in this new curved display smartphone from LG or would you prefer the Samsung Galaxy Round instead? Do these curved display smartphones strike a chord or would you still prefer to go with the standard smartphone options. Let us know in the comments below.

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