Tikker Watch: You’ll Know If You’ll Die Tomorrow

Jaycee De Guzman October 15, 2013 0
Tikker Watch: You’ll Know If You’ll Die Tomorrow


The Tikker Watch is officially distributed by Kickstarter. It’s the only website where you can find the watch as it is also the developer of the same watch. It may sound weird, but this watch keeps you track of how much time you have left to spend in the world. That only means you’ll know if you’ll die tomorrow or the exact date your heart will stop beating in the next two years.

Do you want to know how short you can live your life starting today? Read on so you’ll find out.

How Does A Death-Clock Watch Look Like?

Tikker Watch - You’ll Know If You’ll Die TomorrowThere’s nothing to worry about because the Tikker Watch doesn’t look horrifying as death. It looks like a normal wristwatch that you can walk around with at the mall, when you’re jogging or while walking your dog at the park.

The watch looks like it’s made of rubber straps in black. It has a complete time record shown on the display. It shows the exact hours, minutes and seconds you have left in this world. It comes in black color alone for a price that is just so affordable.


You only have to pay $39 for the said watch and in return, you can prepare for your soon death. At least, you and your family won’t be surprised when the time comes. However, if you want to look funkier while waiting when you’re clock stops ticking, the developer gives you different options.

Sadly, the watch is only available in one design. But, you can customize the colors of the strap according to your choice. It’s just going to cost you a thousand buck. Yes $1,000 and you can wear a pink or red watch that will keep reminding you that there’s no time to waste because life is short.

The Tikker Watch may sound annoying for we all want to live longer. But, it’s just bizarre and interesting that a gadget like this can be developed for us to organize our lives.

The Watch Gives You The Answer As To When You’re Going To Die

You might be wondering how a slim watch can oversee your future and know when you’ll die. Before wearing the watch, you will have to answer a questionnaire that is given by Tikker. The questions have to be answered as honestly as possible as it will lead the watch to give you the answer you want.

You only have to provide your current age and a little subtraction will be made by the watch. After that process, Voila! You already know the exact date and time you’ll die gracefully. Don’t worry because it’s also a normal watch that will keep you track of the normal time of the world.

Do you think the Tikker Watch is going to cause paranoia or is helpful enough to help us what we need to prioritize in life?

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