HTC One Is Aiming to Increase Sales Rate as It Will Soon Be on Sale

Sara Cunningham February 27, 2013 0

HTC has very high hopes on HTC One. It was released by the company to showcase their own series of Windows 8 phones. It is considered to save the company from its struggle in a financial crisis right now. HTC has not hit the numbers with its products lately that’s why it’s exerting its best efforts to recover. The company has a back-up plan just in case HTC One continues to have a low sales rate. Before its release, it was forecasted to save the company in its unstable status in the market at present. The company offers good quality Smartphones but rivals are just too much to handle for the company.

HTC One Is Aiming to Increase Sales Rate as It Will Soon Be on Sale

In connection to that, a release of a new device to succeed HTC One is anticipated. They are set to introduce the latest HTC Tiara. It is said to carry the upgraded system of Windows 8 which they call the Windows 8 GDR2. Microsoft just launched an upgrade to its famous Windows 8 and is set to dominate the world very soon. But it appears that Tiara doesn’t have much to showcase besides its updated operating system.

It doesn’t have much of a difference with HTC One, not to mention it has 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon for its processing unit. It has 1GB RAM and built-in memory storage of 8GB. It displays a 4.3-inch WVGA Super LCD2 and has a rear camera with 8MP. But its front-facing camera only has 1.6MP. Analysts have observed too that the Tiara doesn’t really coincide with HTC One’s design as a whole.

HTC One is good enough to catch the attention of the consumers; it’s just that there are other better brands in the market. Examples are the Android powered phones like Samsung’s and others. It has features that are actually marketable, like the front speakers that outputs like the one in stereos, has an ultra-pixel camera and an IR port. It is scheduled to be on sale starting next month.

HTC is investing big time in this device, above all the competition it will take. The sales are expected to be high in the coming months because of the sale but Samsung might just be a hindrance again. Samsung is yet to release Samsung Galaxy S4 sooner than we think. It would probably give the company a hard time in sales. The company is hoping for Tiara to be able to beat all the odds in the market.

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