Smartphone Comparison: Nokia Lumia 925 VS HTC One

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Smartphone Comparison: Nokia Lumia 925 VS HTC One


The smartphone market has a lot of devices for consumers but in this review, we are only concentrating on the Nokia Lumia 925 and one of its premium rivals which is the HTC One. Developed and manufactured by two popular brands, these two mobile handsets sure offer a lot of features which can definitely draw the customers’ attention. Bearing the latest and top-notch technologies, let us compare the different specifications that these gadgets offer to the masses. The following review will show where each can be better than the other.

Smartphone Comparison - Nokia Lumia 925 VS HTC One

Snap, Snap and Snap More Photos

Smartphone Comparison - Nokia Lumia 925 VS HTC OneThe Nokia Lumia 925 is physically large and handy. It is the first Lumia handset to have an aluminum frame although the back remains to be a polycarbonate plastic material. Generally, it looks luscious and very pretty with its slim and sleek metal build. For efficient navigation purposes, this handset has an updated version of Nokia Glance which indicates the status of every single change that occurs on the entire device. However, the Lumia 925’s best feature is probably its built-in 8.7MP PureView camera. It takes photos with amazing quality even when lighting conditions sometimes appear very low. Exactly made for mobile photographers, this device also features applications such as the Nokia Smart Camera which can shoot images in sequence and Cinemagraph which animates photos.

Feature-Packed With High Resolution Display

Smartphone Comparison - Nokia Lumia 925 VS HTC OneWith blood, sweat and tears, these are what the experts are saying about how the Taiwanese manufacturer constructed their new HTC One handset. It has an almost similar metallic design but with a zero-gap unibody chassis. With 4.7 inches of diagonal screen size, this smartphone is basically almost all display. Adding the fact that its native resolution is set at a much larger 1920 x 1080 pixels and pixel density at 468ppi, it definitely exhibits a much better feature than the Lumia 925. Similar to other smartphones of the same company, this also features the HTC BlinkFeed which keeps users updated with international news and other happenings. And although it only exhibits a 4MP HTC UltraPixel Camera, this device is sporting its own slow motion feature and capability to take still images even when recording a video.


What Needs Improvement

Smartphone Comparison - Nokia Lumia 925 VS HTC OneUnfortunately for the Nokia Lumia 925, some consumers seem unimpressed about its physical build and design. Although the aluminum frame is a very much welcomed addition, the defined corners apparently are too sharp and squat to hold for consumers. This is a great disadvantage especially that this handset is made for individuals who always use their phone to take photos. For all we know, it could also be uncomfortable even when the user is just doing simpler tasks. In a similar manner, experts are saying that Nokia should have incorporated a higher display resolution in this handset that appropriately matches its own camera megapixels.

On the other hand, the HTC One also comes with its own flaws and hitches. For instance, the zero-gap unibody that entirely covers the device means that it is sealed and cannot be incorporated with a memory expansion slot. In the same way, if the time comes that the battery fails, it is also cannot be removed and replaced by the users. Finally, consumers are also getting frustrated with the HTC BlinkFeed platform. It might be useful for some but for those individuals who prefer to just turn it off, they can’t. And that is where the problem arises

Price Details and Availability

The Nokia Lumia 925 costs around $437.99 on Amazon and $399.99 for a used version. Similarly, the HTC One is available at $560.00 for the brand new version and $399.95 for a used version on Amazon. Nevertheless, both handsets are available on different mobile carriers in the United States and consumers can always check online if there are discounts and promos that can let them acquire these devices at a much lower price.

The Bottom Line

Smartphone Comparison - Nokia Lumia 925 VS HTC OneWith its exceptional camera features, the Nokia Lumia 925 is a better mobile phone for customers who like taking photos on the go. With a fast central processing unit and operating system, it delivers a performance that really celebrates every bit of the capacity of a Windows Phone. Also, it features an LTE connectivity that can be acquired at a much affordable price than other smartphones in the market.

You can say that the HTC One is the entire package that consumers can have as a smartphone and you may be right. It has its own amplified features along every function that generally makes this mobile phone a winner. However, it seems that it also is just a regular mobile phone that does not necessarily have a specialty unlike its rival. Although, it presents a much larger internal storage and superior display features.

Are you convinced by the Nokia Lumia 925? Do you think the HTC One is a better investment?

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