Tablet Comparison – Sony Xperia Z Ultra VS Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

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Tablet Comparison – Sony Xperia Z Ultra VS Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3


Whether or not you’ve already decided on replacing your old phablet with a new one, it helps to be up-to-date with the latest comparative reviews between different products under the this gadget family. As a consumer, it is important that you know more than just the name of the product that you want to buy. Between Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, you would want to know which has a faster processor, better camera feature and larger storage. For all you know, one of these factors may help you decide which one of these two devices is worth your money.

Tablet Comparison - Sony Xperia Z Ultra VS Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra And Its Ultra Components

Tablet Comparison - Sony Xperia Z Ultra VS Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3The biggest handset that Sony ever released is the Sony Xperia Z Ultra with an enormous 6.4 inches of diagonal screen size. As a phablet with an LTE, Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth connectivity, this is a highly praised device even from the beginning. Compared to the Galaxy Mega 6.3, the Xperia Z Ultra is considerably thinner but generally taller and wider – although only by a few units. It is both dust and water-proof which adds points to its durability. According to the manufacturers, users can bring the phone underwater and take videos with full HD quality. Design-wise, the metal frame and tempered glass cover give it a minimalist aura that certainly makes it a more attractive gadget.

Containing the top of the line Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, the Xperia Z Ultra can perform tasks with precision and unquestionable speed. It also comes with its own responsive stylus that helps users navigate their devices easily. With a much higher display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels than the Samsung device, users can explore this phablet with simplicity and comfort. Now, sending e-mails, reading e-books, playing games and watching online content can be easily done without too much hassle. To finally complete the package, Sony also incorporated a 3000mAh battery capacity which on varied activities can last up to 16 hours of maximum use


Mega Highlights by the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

Tablet Comparison - Sony Xperia Z Ultra VS Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is the larger version of the two Galaxy Mega family. Not that it is highly relevant, but just to avoid confusion, the other one is the Mega 5.3 which is the smaller version. Now, going back to the Mega 6.3, experts are describing this device as a regular Samsung phone stretched to become a phablet. The corners are similarly rounded but with steeper metallic sides and more attractive plastic shell. Positively, one of the good things about this phablet is that it runs on one of the latest Android operating systems which is the 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and with an incorporated TouchWiz skin by Samsung. The result is an array of functions that includes several home screens, extended quick settings as well as personalizing shortcuts, the lock display and LED lights.

In terms of the camera, it seems that Samsung has been already past the developmental stage of integrating high-end lenses into their devices. The Galaxy Mega 6.3, gladly, has an 8MP camera with tricks such as voice detection and automatic assistance as to which presets and modes the user should select in different situations. However, it is in outdoor settings that the phablet seems to take the best quality images.

Missing Innovation And What Needs To Be Done

Apparently for the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, its manufacturer should have used an alternative body material for it other than plastic. Although the frame is metal and glass, most of the shell that covers this device kind of deducts the luxurious feel that consumers want. Perhaps Sony could make some changes in their future devices and incorporate these modernization.

On an alternative note, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 has a size that is too big for its screen resolution. Physically, this phablet can be uncomfortable to hold in the hand – with its curved corners and thick chassis. For a device this big, Samsung should have maximized its resources and integrated more than just 1280 x 720 pixels of the display.

The Overall Conclusion

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra can be considered the dream gadget of everyone who wants to own a not just an attractive but also a respectable and functional device. Unfortunately, the unlocked version of this device costs more or less than $800 while those available in network carriers are still going to be determined. In stores, it will be available in black, white and purple colors.

On the other hand, although the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is clearly outdated by the Sony phablet’s features, it is generally more affordable at a price of only less than $200 among the different mobile carriers available in the United States.

Is the Sony Xperia Z Ultra overpriced? Would you settle with the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3?

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