Tablet Comparison – Lenovo Ideaphone K900 VS LG Optimus G Pro

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Tablet Comparison – Lenovo Ideaphone K900 VS LG Optimus G Pro


Which gadget performs better and faster? Which has the superior camera feature? Which has a more responsive touchscreen? These are only a few questions that consumers ask themselves when they are looking for a new smartphone to buy. The Lenovo IdeaPhone K900, first released to the Asian market, is one of the contenders in this review. The other is the LG Optimus G Pro, which has been a highly praised flagship model by its manufacturers. The following information will tell you more.

Tablet Comparison - Lenovo Ideaphone K900 VS LG Optimus G Pro

Lenovo Ideaphone K900 And Its Features

Tablet Comparison - Lenovo Ideaphone K900 VS LG Optimus G ProThe Lenovo IdeaPhone K900 is a smartphone powered by both an Intel central processing unit and graphics chipset. At a clock speed of 2.0GHz, which is much faster than the LG handset, it can perform tasks with ease and grace. Playing games and watching movies can be done without suffering from lags or glitches. Physically, the IdeaPhone K900 can already be considered a phablet – with its 6.9-inch height. However, it is an advantage that users are not having any difficulties carrying this device around. At only .35 pounds of weight, it is still lightweight and very comfortable in the hand.

Sporting a premium feel with its stainless finish, this handset is a huge upgrade from the usual plastic material that Lenovo usually incorporates in their products. In addition to the fact that most companies are now starting to use aluminum or glass, the stainless steel chassis definitely stands out. In terms of the software, this device runs on an Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system and contains 16GB of internal storage. With a unique user interface, this phablet features a Shortcut button on the home screen which can lead the user to five different locations in their phone. This is a very functional part of the smartphone to use especially for easy and convenient navigation of the device.

What Does The LG Optimus G Pro Offer?

Tablet Comparison - Lenovo Ideaphone K900 VS LG Optimus G ProAlternative, the LG Optimus G Pro is an LTE-supported smartphone that is as large as the Lenovo handset. With 5.5 inches of diagonal screen size, this phablet can display images with notable sharpness and vibrancy. First, it features the QSlide which lets users multitask by being able to overlay a video and simultaneously access applications at the same time. Also, the QSlide window can be resized depending on the user’s preferences. Second, it can be used as an alternative remote through an infrared connection. It works on home devices such as television, DVD players and projectors.


The hardware that LG incorporated in this device is the top-of-the-line Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 that is also dual-core. Although it has a lower clock speed than the IdeaPhone K900, it still has the same ability to perform tasks in a very swift manner. This positively enhances the other applications of the handset such as the camera. With 2.1 MP at the front and 13MP at the back, it can take photos without lags and incredible shutter speed. Also, using the panorama among its other tricks is easy and quick as well. Lastly, this device works with a long lasting battery which can last at the maximum of almost 15 hours of talk time.

Consumer Hands-On Evaluation And Response

The megapixel number is not the sole factor when determining if a camera can take excellent pictures. This is the case here with the Lenovo IdeaPhone K900. Even with a similar 13MP rear camera, it seems that the LG handset has a better imaging quality and exclusive features. Unfortunately, this device also does not have an incorporated memory card slot for the expansion of external storage. If the 16GB built-in is not enough for you, then you have to think twice before buying this product.

When it comes to the LG Optimus G Pro, the one thing that seems to be missing is the stylus. Given that it also has a QuickMemo feature which lets users take notes on a virtual memo pad, LG could have made a better decision and included a stylus in this device. It would be more functional and convenient for users if they have a pen-like accessory to use in doing some of their important tasks. Also, the handset sometimes appears too heavy for some users. It is not a very negative aspect to consider but if you are looking for a lighter device, this phablet may be too heavy for you.

The Overall Conclusion

The Lenovo IdeaPhone K900 is a more attractive device which exhibits a better processor. It lets users do simple as well as complicated tasks without any glitches. Meanwhile, the LG Optimus G Pro has a camera which can take high quality photos. Also, it has a battery life which can last for a long period of time.

Is the Lenovo IdeaPhone K900 competitive enough for you? Or would you rather buy the LG Optimus G Pro?

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