Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to sport an eye scanning sensor, fingerprint sensor might soon become old school

Alex Bezeau October 19, 2013 0
Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to sport an eye scanning sensor, fingerprint sensor might soon become old school


We know that a number of smartphone consumers might be thrilled and excited about using the new fingerprint sensor present on the Apple iPhone 5S. A number of reports from experts also say that this feature will soon be coming to Android devices, the HTC One Max being one of them. But just wait till you know what Samsung has in mind for its new flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Yes, we know that the fingerprint sensor present on the Apple iPhone 5S is pretty cool and it provides you with a completely new level of security and ease of use. In this post, we do not in anyway want to compare these two biometric authentication techniques (you already know what techniques we are talking about) in order to judge them.

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Rather we want to simply let you know what Samsung is working on and as a response want you to tell us what you think about it. So as the title already made it clear for you, Samsung is working on a new eye-scanning sensor that it wants to use in the company’s new flagship Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5. This eye-scanning sensor will use your eye as the password instead of your thumb or finger that is used by the Apple iPhone 5S and is soon expected to be available on the HTC One Max.

So if this information is correct and Samsung is really working on an eye-scanning sensor, consumers will be able to unlock their devices simply by looking at it, no need to even touch it! May be it takes a lot of trouble and energy to lift your thumb and place it on the home button right? At least that’s what Samsung might feel.

But wait; don’t start thinking about Star Wars or some other Sci-Fi movie just because we told you about the eye-scanning sensor. Because as of now, this is just leaked information and we do not know how it’s going to work. Will the camera (or sensor) be able to scan your eye at a detailed level or will it simply scan your face (or a part of the face). But we are excited about this new feature, even though we do not know how useful or handy it will prove to be in the long run.

There are many ways in which the fingerprint sensor and eye-scanning sensor will benefit consumers. But we do not know how many of them will really be making use of these advanced features. Using Biometric as a way of security is not new, and it has had pros as well as cons.

So what are your views and opinions? What would you like to see on the Samsung Galaxy S5 – eye-scanning sensor or fingerprint sensor or both? And are you waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S5 that is expected to arrive sometime in January next year? Let us know in the comments below.

And by the way, we know it’s too soon, but we have an idea about the specs and features that are expected to be present on the Samsung Galaxy S5, go ahead check it out.

Samsung Galaxy S5

  • 5-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen display
  • 1080 x 1920 pixels screen resolution (or more)
  • Samsung Exynos 6 chipset
  • 2 simultaneously running quad-core processors
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 32/64GB internal storage
  • Up to 64GB expandable storage
  • 16MP primary camera
  • 2MP secondary camera
  • 3000mAh battery

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