Smartphone Comparison – Nokia Lumia 720 VS Sony Xperia L

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Smartphone Comparison – Nokia Lumia 720 VS Sony Xperia L


It is a natural thing for companies to rival each other when it comes to showing off different products with different specifications. It keeps the interest of the people and, of course, the market as well. In relation to this, it is not just the brand name that makes an impact on consumers. Product specifications are important too. This is why we are going to compare and contrast the Nokia Lumia 720 and Sony Xperia L to know which has more impact to consumers in terms of the special features that come with these products.

Smartphone Comparison - Nokia Lumia 720 VS Sony Xperia L

Own A Nokia Lumia 720 Now

Smartphone Comparison - Nokia Lumia 720 VS Sony Xperia LOne of the members of the Lumia family is the Nokia Lumia 720. Fashioned to be a pocket device, this mobile handset only weighs 128 grams which is positively lighter than the Xperia L. This makes it very portable and easy to slide into jeans pockets or small bags. It is also considerably thinner even with a curvy polycarbonate back. With the inclusion of a wide variety of youthful shell colors that consumers can choose from, this device is generally sleek and attractive.

Sporting the top-notch Windows 8 operating system, one of the good things about Lumia 720 is that it is easy to navigate and explore. It is also very customizable by letting users move as well as resize the square tiles that make up the whole screen. The live updates are also very useful especially for the purposes of connecting to social media. Aside from that, Nokia also incorporated company applications such as the HERE Maps, HERE Transit, Drive and City Lens. In general, the goal of these applications is to help users have a more interesting mobile experience and it seems that Nokia succeeded.

Reasons To Buy The Sony Xperia L

In a similar way that the experts praised the Lumia 720 for its physical attractiveness, the Sony Xperia L is also having the time of its life for being regarded as one of the Xperia family’s most beautiful members. With a black cover on the back that curves to connect the front, it looks rough and jagged. But with an added accent courtesy of the speaker, camera lens and power button which are all silver-colored, the final look is both slick and stylish.


But not just in looks, the Xperia L also boasts a highly regarded display and camera feature. Despite having only a hair of difference between the Lumia 720, the 854 x 480 pixels of screen resolution are still commendable for being able to display accurate images. The text looks legible, clear and can be easily understood. Meanwhile, compared to the Nokia handset, the 8MP camera of this device is definitely better to use in capturing important moments. Even in conditions with low light, the photos appear vibrant because of the company’s image processor which is the Exmor RS. Mobile photographers will definitely dig what this smartphone offers.

Where To Deduct The Points

Smartphone Comparison - Nokia Lumia 720 VS Sony Xperia LAs much as we hate this part, consumers should have the right to know everything about the mobile phone that they are going to buy. The Nokia Lumia 720, apparently, still needs to improve the store where users purchase applications. Although the built-in ones are enough for some people, the Windows app store is under stocked for others. There are not many choices for the consumers to choose from which in the end downgrades this device a lot.

Morever, Nokia Lumia 720 also needs some refurbishing on its own. The first and most important is the processor of the device. Compared to its rival product, the dual-core Qualcomm SnapDragon S4 is not competitive enough to perform efficiently. Combine that with one of the old versions of Google Android and the handset becomes a worthless device. Generally, it has a slow performance that sometimes annoys its users. The only way to make it better is if the company really made some internal improvement.


Both the Nokia Lumia 720 and Sony Xperia L are available in the United Kingdom at a starting price of less than £300 for individuals who want to buy the unlocked version. If they prefer to choose the monthly deals from different mobile carriers, the price tag starts at £15 which is very affordable.

Regardless of the price, if you are a loyal and avid Windows Phone user, the Nokia Lumia 720 is definitely the handset of your choice. It features a fast processor and one of the latest versions of its operating system. But if you are more interested in a device which has a higher-end camera feature, then you should choose the Sony Xperia L. The Android operating system makes it stand-out. Aside from the fact that it looks very stylish, it also has a better display and screen specifications.

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  1. hadolin2012Hadolin  October 23, 2013 at 5:05 am - Reply

    u think the Xperia L has a slower processor??seriously?? the Lumia 720 is the one with the older processor, and it even has less RAM.just 512MB compared to 1GB of XL. And XL runs Jelly Bean 4.1, and its even getting updated to either 4.2.2 or 4.3 in the coming months.

    get your facts right, dude.

    • Jaycee De Guzman
      Jaycee De Guzman  October 26, 2013 at 11:34 am - Reply

      hadolin2012Hadolin, thank you for your comment. Talking about facts, I didn’t use the suffix “er” next to the adjective “slow” for Xperia L. Based on the reviews of people who have been using Xperial L, most of them say that Xperial L’s processor is slow. But that doesn’t mean it’s slower than Nokia Lumia 720. But anyway, thank you for dropping by. – Jaycee

      • hadolin2012Hadolin  October 28, 2013 at 2:12 am - Reply

        Yes its slow if you compare it to nexus 4 or Galaxy S4 or Note 3. But if you compare it with phones that are at the same price level, You’d be hard pressed to find a faster phone. And about the “er”… you didn’t say slower…. but you said this…”Compared to its rival product, the dual-core Qualcomm MSM8230 is not competitive enough to perform efficiently.”

        • Jaycee De Guzman
          Jaycee De Guzman  October 28, 2013 at 5:10 am - Reply

          hadolin2012Hadolin – Thank you for quoting that part. I meant “Nokia Lumia 720” instead of Sony Xperia L in that paragraph. That was a good catch! – Jaycee

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