Smartphone Comparison – Oppo R819 VS Samsung Galaxy Win

Jaycee De Guzman October 20, 2013 0
Smartphone Comparison – Oppo R819 VS Samsung Galaxy Win


The Oppo R819 is a new mobile handset by a Chinese company that was released last September 2013. As a new name in the smartphone industry, a lot of people want to know whether this could be a competitive device to try or if this is just one of those no-go mobile phones. For this reason, this review will compare and contrast it to Samsung Galaxy Win which is a device manufactured by an already established brand. Will the R819 be able to compete against the Samsung mid-range handset? Read the following review and find out for yourself.

Smartphone Comparison - Oppo R819 VS Samsung Galaxy Win

The Advantages Of Oppo R819

Smartphone Comparison - Oppo R819 VS Samsung Galaxy WinThe first thing to know about the Oppo R819 is that, compared to its rival, it is a much lighter device. With only 110 grams of weight, it definitely is a standard mobile phone among those that are currently available in the market. In addition, it also has a diagonal screen size of 4.7 inches which can be acceptable depending on the software and hardware choices of its manufacturer. In this case, the R819 contains a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and one of the latest versions of the Google Android – which is the 4.2 version. Considering these specifications, this mobile handset clearly has the capacity to perform well in various tasks.

The second advantage that the Oppo R819 can provide the consumers is its high display resolution which is very useful for reading text messages, electronic mails as well as browsing the internet. At 1280 x 720 pixels, it can display amazing images that are really impressive for a mid-range device. Add this to the 8MP rear camera at the back that comes with a built-in LED flash, it will not be a surprise if a lot of individuals are already ordering this device.

Third, the Oppo R819 also has a large storage facility than the Galaxy Win. At 16GB, users can definitely store a lot of data and download many applications in their devices. Although it does not have an external storage expansion for a memory card, in terms of user experience, this mobile handset is really at its best. Finally, with a 2000 mAh battery, experts are pretty sure that users will have the chance to use their mobile phone for a longer period of time.


The Advantages Of Samsung Galaxy Win

Smartphone Comparison - Oppo R819 VS Samsung Galaxy WinOn the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Win – which was released earlier than the R819 – also has its own features to add to the bunch. Let’s discuss first the handset’s physical appearance. Covered in white plastic material that makes a smooth finish, this mobile phone definitely looks more beautiful than its Oppo rival. Like the other members of the Galaxy family, it also bears the same rounded corners and curved edges that comprise the signature look of its manufacturer. However, for a mid-range device, Samsung definitely outdid its normal standards of how attractive a smartphone should look like.

Another good thing about the Samsung Galaxy Win is the 12 GHz quad-core processor that it sports. Similar as to what the R819 has, this chipset also provides a fast performance to its users. With a consistent wireless connection, it can let the owner stream online media without waiting for a long time before the page, video or game loads. This is a good thing especially for avid social networkers who always like to share moments of their lives through Facebook, Twitter and Instragram require a small amount of enhancement from the handset’s hardware.

Lastly, even though the Samsung Galaxy Win has a smaller internal storage incorporated in it, its manufacturer made up a compromise by adding a memory card slot. It can be used to store more data than what the mobile handset already provides. Users only need to buy a separate MicroSD card of a maximum size of 64GB. Add that to the 2000 mAh battery capacity and this mobile phone is almost perfect.

The Disadvantages And Conclusion

While the Oppo R819 sounded credible when it comes to its specifications, we couldn’t help but criticize the fact that it does not have an external storage. Like what is already mentioned above, it is always important for consumers to ask whether they are going to be able to store the amount of data that they want on their devices. In this case, the answer is definitely a “no”.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Win obviously needs to integrate a higher screen resolution. The 480 x 800 pixels just are not enough for some complicated tasks that users want to do with their phones. This also applies to the camera feature which apparently needs more pixels to be appreciated.

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages that these devices offer, which one of them will you choose?

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