Smartphone Comparison – ZTE Reef VS ZTE Imperial

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Smartphone Comparison – ZTE Reef VS ZTE Imperial


Whether it is a basic or premium mobile handset, individuals are always interested in knowing the latest trends and products that the market offers. Gadgets are one of the usual topics of conversations and it is good to be always in the know. When it comes to beginner brands, even under the shadow of the big names in technology such as Apple, Samsung, Sony and others, they are always there to release their own versions of smartphones and other gadgets. This time, we are going to review two of ZTE’s basic smartphones which are the ZTE Reef and ZTE Imperial. Let’s see which wins this battle.

Smartphone Comparison - ZTE Reef VS ZTE Imperial

The Advantages Of ZTE Reef

Smartphone Comparison - ZTE Reef VS ZTE ImperialThe good thing about ZTE Reef is that even as a regular smartphone, its manufacturer was able to incorporate a waterproof durability to it. It can withstand 3 feet of being underwater for a maximum of 30 minutes which is pretty acceptable for a non-premium product. Distributed exclusively by Virgin Mobile, it showcases respectable features that are definitely worth considering if consumers are looking for less complex mobile phones in the market. In terms of the call quality, it is a good thing that ZTE was able to support a sharp audio quality with a consistent connection and undistorted sound. Design-wise, this handset is lighter than the Imperial which makes it more portable for its users.

In terms of the camera, this handset can take pretty average photos on a 5-megapixel quality. Internally, it exhibits convenient shortcuts such as a touch screen zoom – although using the volume control is also possible – and flash mode options. The camera at the front with 1 megapixel is also useful for taking self-portraits and web chatting although its quality greatly depends on lighting conditions. Generally, it performs just the way experts expected it to.


The Advantages Of ZTE Imperial

Smartphone Comparison - ZTE Reef VS ZTE ImperialJust like the Reef, the ZTE Imperial is also a regular smartphone by the same mobile company which is packed with its own features and tricks. For one, it has a faster processor of 1.2 GHz even though it is only a single-core chipset. This provides efficient manipulation of the device which added bonus points especially for a basic device. To top that, the one thing that this mobile phone has that its rival doesn’t is its LTE connectivity. And not just an LTE connectivity but a very reliable one. You might think that this is impossible but ZTE really took further steps just to incorporate this function. For a really affordable product, this is pretty incredible.

Similar to the Reef, the Imperial also exhibits a 5MP rear and 1MP front camera. It captures average photos without a lot of differences from its rival. On the other hand, with a 2500 mAh battery capacity, this mobile handset has the capacity to last at least 12 hours of talk time. This is way too different than the Reef’s 1650 mAh of battery stamina which only provided 9 hours of usage to its users.

The Disadvantages Of ZTE Reef

If there is one thing that the ZTE Reef needs to improve on itself, it most probably will be the LTE connectivity and battery life that are only two of the many factors that consumers always look for when buying a new mobile handset. It is really a very useful function. If the manufacturer can integrate the said feature in Imperial, why not also do it in this device? On the other hand, the 9-hour battery juice of this handset should also be improved.

The Disadvantages Of ZTE Imperial

While it is obvious that the ZTE Imperial presents very reliable specifications, it would be much better if the entire handset weighs less. At 154 grams, it is definitely heavier than the Reef. Although this is only a small issue that won’t necessarily make or break the consumer’s choice, it would definitely attract more buyers if ZTE made their devices slimmer.

The Bottom Line

On Virgin Mobile, the ZTE Reef is available at a starting price of $130. Meanwhile, the ZTE Imperial which can be bought at US Cellular costs at a much more affordable value of less than $100.

In terms of the mentioned specifications of the ZTE Reef and ZTE Imperial, it seems obvious that the winner of this battle is the latter product. Although it is not water-resistant like the Reef, it has an LTE connectivity which is a more significant feature to consider. Besides, there are only a few differences that these two mobile phones have. The operating system, camera, display technology, screen size and even storage facility almost have the same elements. It really only comes down to what the consumer needs. In this case, the LTE connectivity outweighs the underwater durability.

Did the ZTE Imperial win by your standards? Or are you sticking with the ZTE Reef?

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