Tablet Comparison – Lenovo Miix VS Samsung Ativ Tab 3

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Tablet Comparison – Lenovo Miix VS Samsung Ativ Tab 3


While the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, and Microsoft Surface take almost all of the gadget news, they sometimes become too sorely familiar. In the current market, there are also other humbler devices which are being released that consumers can buy and try out. The Lenovo Miix, for instance is a refurbished ThinkPad Tablet 2 but with lesser complicated features. Alternatively, the Samsung Ativ Tab 3 is a consumer-friendly device with its own manufacturer’s take on the usual components of a tablet. Take this review and read for further information.

Tablet Comparison - Lenovo Miix VS Samsung Ativ Tab 3

An Affordable Tablet and Attachable Keyboard

Tablet Comparison - Lenovo Miix VS Samsung Ativ Tab 3The Lenovo Miix is a tablet-powered by Windows 8 and a dual-core Intel processor. It has 10.1 inches of touchscreen size that comes with its own keyboard. However, unlike the ThinkPad Tablet 2, this device has no integrated dock and separate keyboard which can be attached and detached. Instead, the Miix has a folder-like case where the tablet dock is located and keyboard permanently fixed. Via a strong Bluetooth connection, these two can work together with notable receptiveness and fast performance. Generally, what’s good about this device is that the keyboard is already included in the price. According to a credible online source, this might sell at about $600 or even less.

In terms of the physical design, the Miix is comparatively thicker than the Ativ Tab 3. It is also bigger when it comes to height and width but the good thing is that both devices have a similar screen size. Positively, this tablet has a respectable resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It lets users review images, read messages and do other similar tasks with ease because the display is accurate, defined and very friendly to the user’s eyes. Moreover, its IPS technology also enables a maximum of 5-point multi-touch. This means that it can be an interactive device especially when playing games.


A High-End Device With User-Friendly Features

Tablet Comparison - Lenovo Miix VS Samsung Ativ Tab 3On the outside, the Samsung Ativ Tab 3 looks white, shiny and very top-notch. This makes a great first impression especially for people who are interested in replacing their old tablets. Although the material is still plastic, it still looks as beautiful and durable as its rival product. With its sleek dimensions and light weight, Samsung is claiming that this tablet is actually the thinnest in the world. Whether this is true or not, what we are most sure of is the fact that its signature design is able to provide comfort when being used. This is exactly what the consumers are looking for when buying a new product.

What highlights this tablet is probably its Windows 8 operating system that comes in full and not the pared version. This is a huge step that Samsung made – letting users install standard applications just like the way they do on a desktop. The iTunes, for instance, can be installed directly by using the desktop application file and not the app in the Windows Marketplace. In addition to that, this Ativ Tab 3 also comes with its own stylus pen – S Pen – which can help users explore their devices more easily. It is very useful in taking quick notes and sketches. Unfortunately, Samsung is yet to release the price information about this new user-friendly gadget.

Device Weaknesses and Disadvantages

As the Lenovo Miix offers a 1MP front camera which can be used for web chatting, it is not enough to be used for capturing worthy moments. It is true that the purpose of the device is not to be an alternative camera but Lenovo could have incorporated at least a little higher resolution than what it provides. Also, unlike the Ativ Tab 3, this tablet does not have a camera at the back. In this age of technology, more is better. Not only that a camera will be more functional, it can also attract more interested consumers.

On the other hand, it seems that the Samsung Ativ Tab 3 does not really have a specialty feature that could excite gadget lovers. Aside from the full Windows 8 operating system, nothing else surprised experts and consumers. It can perform well in doing simple and basic tasks but that’s just it. This product is still to be released in the market and let’s just hope that its manufacturer can add something worthy of the consumers’ time and money.

The Verdict

Technically, both the Lenovo Miix and Samsung Ativ Tab 3 are sporting almost similar specifications. Both are powered by Windows 8 – although the latter device comes with a better offer – with an Intel chipset and graphics processor. In terms of storage, they also have 2GB of RAM and 64GB built-in. The difference arrives in terms of the camera although it still cannot be considered a deal-breaker. But for consumers who want an integrated keyboard, the Miix is definitely a better choice.

Is the Lenovo Miix rightly priced? What do you think about the Samsung Ativ Tab 3?

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