The Apple iPhone 5C – The Good, The Bad And The Upgrades

Jaycee De Guzman October 21, 2013 0
The Apple iPhone 5C – The Good, The Bad And The Upgrades


It has been almost a month since Apple released its new iPhone 5S handset. Along with it is the Apple iPhone 5C which is the same premium product but with some downgraded features for the purposes of being more economical. However, some experts are saying that it’s just the iPhone 5 repackaged with a different look. Are they right? Let’s find out.

The Apple iPhone 5C - The Good, The Bad And The Upgrades

Making Communication More Efficient

The Apple iPhone 5C is available at only $99.00 with contract from different mobile carriers in the US. But aside from being affordable, there are also other things that this mobile handset is capable of. First of all, it has a wider LTE coverage. With new antennas that its manufacturer integrated, it now can work even with international carriers. Apparently, Apple really went out of its way just to be able to bring communication to a new level. Evidently, this is the first of the differences of this mobile phone from its predecessor. The second is that the iPhone 5 has a lower operating system. This handset has the new iOS7 which will also support Apple’s future products.


The Camera Feature And Improved Battery

When it comes to its specific specifications, the Apple iPhone 5C also has a decent camera feature on both front and back. It has 8 megapixels in the back while only 1.2 megapixels at the front. Still, it can capture photos and videos at a respectable quality that will definitely make other users of social networks jealous of your photos. In addition to that, this mobile handset also has 10 hours of battery life which can be expected to cater long hours of mobile activity. Now, you can call, send messages, play games and surf the internet with the peace of mind that your battery will last.

Storage, Display Size, Resolution And More

The Apple iPhone 5C - The Good, The Bad And The Upgrades What seems to be lacking in the new Apple iPhone 5C is the memory card slot for the expansion of storage. Unless the consumers are satisfied with the 16 GB and 32 GB models, then buying this mobile handset will definitely be a good decision. However, when it comes to the display technology, we cannot deny that the 5C is physically small. Therefore, it also only has a small screen resolution. At 1136 x 640 pixels, this is even smaller than the Motorola Droid Maxx. But for people who consider other specifications more important than the size, then this shouldn’t be an issue.

In terms of prices, the unlocked Apple iPhone 5C is available at $570.00 on Amazon for the 16 GB model. The 32 GB model is being sold at $740.00. Considering all the said factors, are you buying this new Apple mobile phone?

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