Google’s Android 4.3 Is Now Available For Samsung Galaxy S4 In India

Jaycee De Guzman October 22, 2013 0
Google’s Android 4.3 Is Now Available For Samsung Galaxy S4 In India


Today, the official Samsung store in India just started to release new batches of the Samsung Galaxy S4 with an updated operating system. Since the previous version, the upgraded model will have the Android 4.3 version which is one of the latest versions of Google’s innovated OS. After Russia, India is the second country to get the manufacturer’s updated I9500 Exynos mobile handset. However, we have no information whether the manufacturer’s official store also changed their prices. We are hoping that it did not so the handset could remain affordable to the masses.

Aside from the new batches, the Android 4.3 is also available at the Kies application which is available in both Mac and PC. Individuals who already own a unit of the Samsung Galaxy S4 can just download the application to their computer and start manually updating their devices. Unfortunately, Samsung India said in a statement that there might be a slight chance that not all devices can easily update to the new operating system. They are advising their customers to just be patient and wait until the update becomes available on their own mobile phones.

Google’s Android 4.3 Is Now Available For Samsung Galaxy S4 In IndiaTry and see if your Samsung Galaxy S4 can be updated. To do so, go to Settings, More, About Device and Software Update. There, you should click Update. If it started automatically, then you should just wait until your device finishes. But if you see a message that says “limit exceeded”, then you should probably wait a little longer before trying again. The on-the-air update is 658 MB which is pretty big. Of course, you have to connect to a powerful 3G or wireless connection (Wi-Fi) so you can successfully download it and upgrade your operating system.


The new Android 4.3 version is reported to also contain numerous updates among the other elements of the Samsung Galaxy S4. According to a reliable source, the upgraded handset by Samsung India will have more improved security measure and user interface. There will be a few changes in the icons while performance is also expected to become more stable than it already is. The graphical interface and multimedia features will have faster response time which is a good thing when you are trying to explore your device. This includes the Bluetooth connectivity which is one of the most important features of the said mobile phone. There will be an added application which is called Knox. This is another security enhancement which users can apply to their data and files. Finally, the Galaxy S4 will also have an added compatibility with the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Now, previous and new owners of the mobile phone can purchase the said SmartWatch and use it with their smartphones.

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