Apple’s iOS 7 Addressed Bugs In Its Recent Software Update

Jaycee De Guzman October 23, 2013 0
Apple’s iOS 7 Addressed Bugs In Its Recent Software Update


According to experts, the latest mobile operating system by Apple, which is the iOS 7, may be the most problematic among its other versions. Since the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C which were the first mobile handsets to be incorporated with the said operating system, a lot of people have complained about the bugs and issues that they are experiencing when using their devices. Similar things have also happened to those who own other Apple gadgets who just updated their mobile operating system on their own.

Just recently, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, announced the new software update of the iOS 7. This is good news for consumers, especially the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S as well as iPhone 5C users, who want an immediate cure for their mobile phones. When Tim Cook heard that it was being well-received by the consumers, he said that he was glad about it. He even added a statement that whenever there are bugs that are hindering customers in fully experiencing their Apple devices, their company will immediately fix it.


Apple’s iOS 7 Addressed Bugs In Its Recent Software UpdateThe latest update of the iOS 7 focused on the main points of consumer complaints. These are the iMessage feature, lock screen, iWork applications as well as some accelerometer problems. Before, the iMessage had complications when activating. Sometimes, once it is activated, it fails to send messages to specific contacts. On the other hand, the new update also raised its lock screen security since there were times when users were able to by-pass it. Apple made its operating system more stable so that it would never happen again. This also cleared the bug affecting the iWork application which also had some problems of its own. The calibration problem with regard to the accelerometer is also fixed. It is the one that measures the movements and so it is considered as one of the most important elements of the operating system. Apple is proud to say that these bugs are now fixed.

Whether or not this is the end of the problems of the iOS 7  mobile operating system, we are only trusting that Apple is sincere in its statement of fixing whatever it is that may cause trouble for the users. It has been more than one month now since this software was released and we admit that it has both advantages and disadvantages. Now, Apple had just released one of its newest products and a lot people have already started to talk about it. Aside from the experts, loyal Apple consumers are hoping as well that these kinds of trouble may never happen again. These days, being practical and simple is much better than being complicated especially when it comes to technological devices.

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