BlackBerry Messenger Reached 10 Million Downloads In One Day

Jaycee De Guzman October 23, 2013 0
BlackBerry Messenger Reached 10 Million Downloads In One Day


It was a few weeks ago when BlackBerry announced that their BlackBerry Messenger, also known as BBM, will be available in other mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS. Before, it was only exclusive to BlackBerry devices but because of the popular demand, the company tried to make it available to other mobile operating systems. There were a few bumps in the road when the company first made the application available and they even had to pull it out. There was a time in September when an unreleased Android version was leaked online. Unfortunately for the said company, it created a lot of issues in terms of whether BlackBerry still has the capacity to compete in the technology industry.

It had only been just one day since BlackBerry made the BlackBerry Messenger available again and reports are saying that downloads actually reached 10 million in just one day. According to the company’s chief executive officer, this is finally the successful launch of the said chat service. It is available to download in both the Apple App Store and Google Play while it comes in every BlackBerry mobile handset. It is free so it is expected to peak the charts but the company did not imagine that it would reach 10 million in number.


BlackBerry Messenger Reached 10 Million Downloads In One DayThe BlackBerry Messenger is a messaging or chat service which lets its users contact friends for free. For owners of BlackBerry devices before, this helped them save money in terms of their mobile bills. According to reliable sources, it is now at the number one spot in the Apple App Store. This fact applies to almost 75 countries which include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Indonesia. Some countries in the Middle East also downloaded the application. Obviously, it seems that the bumps in the road the company experienced got all covered up by the amazing popularity of the chat service.

According to the company, there are already a million people who downloaded the unreleased version for Android. But this number is nothing compared to the six million people who pre-registered through their emails. Not all mobile phones are immediately compatible to download the BlackBerry Messenger now that it resumed its release. Some still have to wait for a few days or weeks but for people who pre-registered their email to receive notifications, they can immediately get this chat service and use it.

Right now, it seems clear the BlackBerry Messenger will stay for a much longer period of time to people’s mobile handsets. Of course, BlackBerry would love to cater more people who want a free chat service. For a few days, it is expected that the excitement will still remain while more people download this application to their devices.

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