The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Alcatel ONE TOUCH Evolve

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Distributed by the T-Mobile mobile carrier, the Alcatel ONE TOUCH Evolve is one of the said company’s least expensive handsets. However, there are reports that this mobile phone is not only cheap in its price but also in its specifications. As one of the many members of the ONE TOUCH lineup, it is unavoidable that this handset it being compared among its family and other mid-range handsets out there. Let us take a look if the reports are true.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Alcatel ONE TOUCH Evolve

A Phone That Looks Good

The Alcatel ONE TOUCH Evolve only has 4 inches of diagonal screen size. Yet, when it comes to its physical design, it is being praised for not looking mid-range at all. The back is a soft chassis with silver accents which were incorporated by the brand name and network carrier. The side You can use it in one hand given the comfortable sides that it has. At the top is where you will find the power, lock button as well as a headphone jack. The volume control is on the right side while the charging port is on the left.

Call Anytime And Anywhere

Although the Alcatel ONE TOUCH Evolve does not support LTE which is a much better connectivity than the 3G, we can expect that its 3G connectivity really serves its purpose. Tested through T-Mobile’s network, this mobile handset can deliver audio output which is crisp and easily understandable. There were no unnecessary noises and all the words were clear on both ends of the line. However, when switched into loudspeaker mode, the sound has the possibility to become muffled and flat.


Fuzzy Screen And Performance

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Alcatel ONE TOUCH EvolveThe two basic things that the Alcatel ONE TOUCH Evolve needs to improve on are its display technology and processor. Since this handset only has 800 x 480 pixels, it is expected that it wouldn’t be as sharp as other smartphones. Even when the brightness is set at the maximum, it still looked dim and dark. In terms of its chipset, this mobile phone only has 1 GHz of clock speed which means that playing games or streaming media may lag or create unnecessary pauses.

Looking at which feature is more important, it seems that the Alcatel ONE TOUCH Evolve is slightly underpowered. Performance is an important factor when consumers are buying a new gadget and this mobile phone seems to be lacking in it. Although it makes a decent mobile phone with its basic capabilities, a lot of other premium features are still missing. But, for those consumers who want to avail this product, it is available at the official T-Mobile store – both with the network’s mobile plans and retail.

Did the Alcatel ONE TOUCH Evolve convince you?

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