Introducing The Cover Application For Android Devices

Jaycee De Guzman October 26, 2013 0
Introducing The Cover Application For Android Devices


One of the things that Android devices have in common is that its users can always customize the lock screen if they want to. In Google Play, you can find thousands of applications that you can download which cater the said customizing service. However, most of these applications can only change the physical look of your lock screen. The new Cover Application, which is one of the newest ones in this lineup, offers a more useful setting than just aesthetically revamping your screen.


The Cover Application had just been released and interestingly, it says “the right app at the right time” as its motto. But what exactly can this application do? First of all, it can determine the other applications that the users usually click and add four shortcuts according to home, work and other locations. If you are at home, it will automatically display the social applications on your lock screen. If you are at work or on the road, it will do the same thing with your productivity as well as road applications. Plus, if you try twisting the phone in landscape mode, you will immediately see the camera button. If you plug your headphones or earphones, it will also automatically display your media applications.


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Introducing The Cover Application For Android DevicesPeek is an element of the Cover Application which provides a better and easier way of navigating Android devices. The lock screen will display shortcuts and from there, you can pick an icon and slide it. It will not unlock your device but only shows the application behind the screen. When you unlock your phone, the application is already open and ready to use. You can do the same thing if you want to browse and click other icons. If you want to jump between applications, you can swipe from the top right of your screen to slide one after another. From there, you can easily click it and open without going back to the home screen.

On the other hand, the Cover Application also has smart settings. In the same way, this is rooted to the four basic locations of your mobile device. It includes automatic settings for wallpapers, ringtones, time settings as well as wireless connectivity.


There are other applications which do these features separately but in Cover Application, they are all packed in one. Specifically, it combines the launcher and locker services in a much easier and smarter to use software. This will be a unique addition to Android devices and users who want a different look for their phones can definitely download this. Unfortunately for now, Cover is still available in beta and only available by email invite. If you want, you can visit their website and sign up with your email address.

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