LinkedIn Intro – A New Email Application For The iPhone Handsets

Jaycee De Guzman October 26, 2013 0
LinkedIn Intro – A New Email Application For The iPhone Handsets


LinkedIn is a social network related to business owners and professionals. Just recently, the company released an email feature that will allow members of LinkedIn to integrate basic information when they are opening their mail in their iPhone mobile phone. It is called the LinkedIn Intro.

How It Works

The LinkedIn Intro is an added email feature which users of iPhone handsets can use to increase their experience with LinkedIn. Basically, it adds the basic personal information posted on the said social network such as the name, photo, employer as well as job title and integrates it when the user sends or receives an email. According to the company, the main purpose of this application is to help iPhone users in determining whether an email is legitimate or fake. This lessens the risk of opening spam mails in consumer inbox.

Widget Features

LinkedIn Intro - A New Email Application For The iPhone HandsetsAside from the basic purpose which is showing profile information, the LinkedIn Intro can also lead its user to the main profile of the person who sent him or her a mail. If the summary of profile information is not enough for you, you can click the widget on the email and it will lead you directly to other information that you want. These may include job titles which the person had in the past, education accomplishment as well as mutual connections in terms of business. However, the widget does not mean that you have to leave the iPhone Mail application. Users do not have to do that since the widget is only entirely made to support and work with emails. It means that whatever they do with the LinkedIn Intro, they will always stay inside the iPhone Mail application.


Mobile Application

It is a good thing that LinkedIn has now prioritized its mobile application which experts are expecting to add more popularity and fame of the said social network. A similar thing happened with Facebook which had its own mobile application that redefined its purposes to the masses. Since then, other social networks have followed suit in catering mobile services. LinkedIn Intro is only one way which the said company can make the on-the-go kind of people feel important. Actually, there is already another news saying that there was another do-over that LinkedIn did in terms of its iPad application. Now, it features a new design and interface which allows users to search jobs as well as channels of famous people.

Obviously, we can see that the company is going for the people’s benefit. The functionality that they are aiming for are crafted to cater the purposes which can hit people in their spots. Seriously, the fact that they can look for jobs through this application is a really good idea.

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