Microsoft’s Reaction To iWork And The Latest Apple Gadget

Jaycee De Guzman October 26, 2013 0
Microsoft’s Reaction To iWork And The Latest Apple Gadget


Even when people are still just speculating about the iPad Air, there are already reports saying that it will have a different set of default applications which will rival the Microsoft Office suite. Now that the device has been officially released, the Office manufacturer is reacting about how these new products did not necessarily affect them and their products. One day after the release of iPad Air, the corporate blog was immediately updated with a new statement

iWork Versus Office

According to Microsoft, the iWork is comparably lightweight than the Office. For something that is new, it did not get too much traction when it was released. Because of this, Frank Shaw who is the vice president of the said company, was firm by adding that the software was not a very significant move for them. It seems that other companies are only trying to create what their company has already mastered in doing. He added that it is evidently undeniable that the Microsoft Office suite is definitely a much powerful and better solution for the worldwide consumers who want an affordable and simple service that can cater their needs. The Office suite is available on both Surface and Surface 2 which they also consider cheaper than the iPad 2 and iPad Air.

On the other hand, Apple’s Tim Cook said in a statement on Tuesday when it released its new line-up of upgrades and devices that the iWork and iLife will be available for Apple consumers for free whatever your device may be. The iLife is a multimedia application which allows users to edit video, mix music as well as create presentations. Since they are free, Apple expects that their consumers will take advantage of the rich capabilities that these applications all offer.


Surface Versus iPad

Microsoft’s Reaction To iWork And The Latest Apple GadgetIn addition to all that, Microsoft also added a statement about the tablet that they released one year ago which is the Surface. According to the statement, the Surface tablet is the best one that you can buy in terms of its productivity that is provided by the Office applications. It is precise and easy to use for both applications and documents because of its useful track pad and keyboard. As a way of showing that they understand what the people generally needs, they crafted a device which is easy to use and can accomplish a wide array of tasks.

Even though some people agree with Microsoft’s statement that the Office suite is still the best software among its rivals, this does not mean that they also agree with everything else that the company offers. Right now, there are still some issues regarding the new line-up of Surface tablets which also had just been released in the market.

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