Microsoft Office Programs Will Not Be Featured in Apple iPads

Sara Cunningham February 28, 2013 0
Microsoft Office Programs Will Not Be Featured in Apple iPads

There have been unending questions as to when will the Microsoft Office Suite be available in the iPad. There have also been a lot of speculations that Microsoft has plans of bringing the Office Suite to the iOS system. Until now, there seems to be no progress as the company never released a statement that it will come to a point that the native programs of Microsoft will be available in the Apple products. This is a considerable proposal for Microsoft since a higher demand of products will happen. An increase of revenues will also happen.

Microsoft Office Programs Will Not Be Featured in Apple iPads

If this proposal will come to reality, there will be a great increase of sales for the software. There is an estimated increase of $2.5 billion a year for Microsoft. At a certain press conference, a lot of questions have been raised to the Microsoft executives. When the following executives were asked by one of the members of the press as to when will can the crowd finally use the Microsoft Office programs in their iPads, Microsoft did not give straightforward answers. Instead, pointed out and offered the different applications everyone can find on the web.

Microsoft mentioned that it has done a great job in providing Apple its version of the system. The programs are the following: One-Note Sharing, SharePoint Collaboration Site, Lync Communication and SkyDrive Online storage software. Bringing the native version of the Office Suite will give a higher demand for the software company, as too many would still love to use the MS Excel, PowerPoint and Word. But, creating these features on Apple products will decrease the demand of the Windows tablet. The Windows Surface Pro Tablets have everything a normal Windows desktop would feature. The company is also aiming to conquer the empire of portable PCs that they’re already starting to release.

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